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 #33  by ThomasBarr
 Wed Oct 26, 2016 8:40 pm
I found this on Newsmax.com from west coast to east coast
"Some highly efficient treatment centers are:

The Genital Warts Clinic in California which specializes in the treatment for warts and prescribes FDA approved drugs. Dr. Arani Clinic has been known to be one of the best treatment centers for genital warts because of its high outpatient recovery rate as well as excellent medical facilities for treatment.

Another important treatment center for genital warts is the St. Lukes Roosevelt Treatment Center in New York which has some of the newest mechanisms in for the treatment of warts. Although there is no known cure for HPV, the warts are curable.

The UPMC Mercy, Pennsylvania is another treatment center that is highly reputed and known for its good inpatient facilities.

The Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia is also one of the best treatment centers for genital warts in adults as well as teens.
Another important treatment center for treatment of genital warts is the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital which is very well equipped with different surgical as well as other non invasive methods.

The MD Anderson Cancer Center is also another treatment center which focuses mainly on the association of genital warts in women to cervical cancer and are able to treat such warts with precision.

The Whipps Cross University Hospital also has one of the best Departments of Obstetrics and Gynecology which has the newest research methods including cryosurgery as well as laser surgery."